Partnership who's who




Bradford District Partnership Board 

Cllr Susan Hinchliffe

Kathryn Jones:

Delivery Partnerships

Safer and Stronger Communities Partnership

Cllr Abdul Jabar

Rebecca Trueman:

Children's Trust

Cllr Val Slater

Jenny Cryer:

Producer City Board

David Baldwin

Gina Glot:

Housing Partnership


Yusuf Karolia:

Health and Wellbeing Board

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe

Angela Hutton

Consultation and Engagement Networks

Strategic Disability Partnership

Cllr Dale Smith / Paul Anderson

Sue Haddock

Older People's Partnership

Jean Walker

Sue Haddock:

Darryl Smith:

Learning Disability Partnership Board

Lyn Sowray

Darryl Smith:

Autism Partnership


Darryl Smith:


Anti-Poverty Co-ordination Group

Cllr Abdul Jabar


Helen Johnston:


Bradford District (VCS) Assembly

Paul Stephens

Javed Khan:

Equalities and Community Relations Strategic Group

Ian Day

Rizwan Rehman:

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