How you can help and be involved

Raising awareness, encouraging and promoting staff activity within the Council and partner organisations will be essential to making the District Plan work. We'll be producing more material and developing routes for messages as part of the communication and engagement plan, but we will need everyone's help to make it feel real and relevant.

We also need residents to feel empowered to make a difference in the district, feel valued and have a voice in decisions made about the district. A variety of media such as the Council's blog and Twitter will be used to share stories and engage in dialogue with people.

You may be able to suggest examples of doing things differently, such as involving people in service provision, working with communities or partners to share resources, adopting different ways of providing services or taking early action to prevent problems or stop them getting worse. For further information on how you can get involved, please visit our People can make a difference website. We are also compiling examples of good practice so would be grateful if you could send these to Rachel Smith at

Ideas for further engagement activity would also be welcome. If you have any innovative ideas of how we can consult with individuals, communities, businesses and other organisations across the District, please contact We would also like you to tell us how you have been consulting with individuals and communities in your different work areas.

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