Delivery responsibility

The Strategic Delivery Partnerships (SDPs) are tasked with coordinating delivery of the priorities of the Bradford District Partnership, as identified in the District Plan 2016 -20.  Each of the SDPs have been assigned direct responsibility for one of the District Plan priorities and as part of this role they are also encouraged to work with other SDPs on areas of mutual interest to increase efficiency and avoid duplication. The table below outlines the partnerships and the District Plan priorities they are directly responsible for:


District Plan priority

Producer City

Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy

Decent homes that people can afford to live in

Health and Wellbeing Board

Better Health, better Lives

Children’s Trust

A great start and good schools for all our children

Safer and stronger communities partnership

Safe, clean and active communities

The SDPs will report progress to overview and scrutiny committees and their respective partnership boards and will bring updates to future BDP Board meetings to share progress and flag issues that need tackling.

We will publish copies of the progress reports on the performance section of this website.

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