Performance framework

The Bradford District Partnership performance framework is made up of two elements, the District Dashboard and the Annual Report:

  • The District Dashboard is a set of high level measures that show how well the district is doing and whether we are on track to meet the Success Measures outlined in the District Plan.  It is published as a set of interactive dashboards allowing you to compare trends over time, and how Bradford District compares to other Local Authorities.
  • The District Dashboard is updated monthly, as and when new data becomes available.
  • In addition, the Annual Report will review the measures in the District Dashboard against their trajectory to the Success Measures outlined in the District Plan.  A traffic light system will be used to identify those measures that are 'on track to meet the target by 2020', have 'some concerns/possible delays' or are 'not expected to be achieved'.
  • The Annual Report provides a summary of key achievements delivered during the previous financial year, while outlining key plans and delivery proposals for the coming year


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