Bradford District Sustainable Development Partnership (SDP)

Action is required to meet challenges faced by the Bradford District; the Climate Emergency, global and local environmental imbalances, vulnerabilities exposed by Covid-19 and other shortfalls against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Bradford District Sustainable Development Partnership (SDP) is taking an ambitious, joined up and investable approach that tackles local challenges whilst creating significant opportunities for the District.

The SDP is business-led and brings together leadership from across business, key organisations, the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to help Bradford develop and realise its ambition of becoming a thriving and inclusive sustainable District.

The SDP delivers by stimulating, supporting and catalysing the work of the partnership members in line with its Operating Principles:

  • Rooted in the distinctiveness of the Bradford District and aligned with national and international need.
  • Across all aspects of sustainable development, enhancing the quality of lives across the district.
  • Created ‘with’ people, not done ‘to’ them

Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the SDP has formed 11 work streams which are currently working to develop sustainability-minded, commercial, investable initiatives within the district, some of which also link directly to the Economic Recovery Plan. The 11 initiatives are:

  1. Infrastructure for Net Zero Carbon
  2. Bradford ‘Business Green Hub’
  3. Circular Economy Industrial Test-bed
  4. Sustainable Food Supply System
  5. Hydrogen Mobility Test-bed
  6. Neighbourhood Retrofit For Sustainable Lifestyles
  7. Improving Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services
  8. Manufacturing Futures
  9. Smart Technologies for Sustainable Lifestyles
  10. Energy-integrated Data Centres
  11. Circular Economy Demonstrator – ‘Green Street’

Scoping documents containing more information will be available shortly.

The Partnership has been instrumental in helping us shape the Covid-19 Economic Recovery plan and bring forward proposals for

  • Neighbourhood Retrofit - going beyond ‘net zero homes’ to look at the value added of working at pace and scale;
  • Sustainable food supply – working to support local food producers, processors, retailers, catering and restaurants. Increase share of locally produced food.
  • Clean Transport – alongside our Clean Air Plan, looking at alternative fuels and fleets including hydrogen and fuel cells.
  • Creating a circular economy in new business models, products, services and the way we use resources and manage waste.
  • Greening the District (through Cultural Place partnership) – making the most of our natural, heritage and community assets especially as we prepare to bid for City of Culture 2025

Due to the broad, cross cutting nature of sustainability, other partnerships, sectors and partners also play a key role in supporting the delivery of wellbeing, resilience and prosperity.

The SDP operates under a tight remit and with limited resources. It is developing a delivery plan and key initiatives and will communicate and involve other more widely in the near future.

It is not the primary arena for sustainable development, climate emergency policy making or an arena  for direct public involvement

The Council is providing secretariat support to the SDP, so for general matters about sustainability and the green economy including any contact with the Partnership please email

If you have general queries about the Climate Emergency or related matters please email