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We need your views on our District’s 'Shared Values'

We’ve been finding out what is important to us all, the things we stand for that unite us and bring us together. We talked with many people all around Bradford District, in businesses, public spaces and shopping centres.

Time and again the same words kept coming up: caring, understanding, kindness, people, safety, community, supporting, helping, respecting.

From these we’ve created a set of draft values and are now asking people what they think. This will help us to finalise the set. We will then pledge to use them in all we do. We will celebrate the values we share and do more to recognise the common ground between us.

We want to hear from everyone who has an interest in Bradford District, whether they live here, work here, visit or have other connections. Click here to go to the survey and have your say on the draft values.

It will only take a few minutes of your time and we’d love to hear from you.


Join the Bradford for Everyone Network!

We’re asking local people to sign up to our ‘Bradford for Everyone Network’ and join us in helping everyone who lives in the district to “feel that they belong, are understood, feel safe and are able to fully participate in the opportunities the District offers”.

As our network member, you will champion ‘Bradford for Everyone’ - the District’s integration and cohesion work - part of the Stronger Communities Together Strategy. In addition you will be sent news updates, event information and training opportunities!

Sign up now!



Innovation Fund

Round 2

Thank you to everyone who applied for funding during the second round of our Innovation Fund. We have had lots of innovative and interesting applications. A shortlist of 14 proposals has been created and news about final awards will be communicated in January 2020.


Round 1

In July 2019 a wide variety of innovative projects were successful in gaining funding from the first round of the Stronger Communities Together "Innovation Fund". Awards were made using a participatory budgeting approach - giving decision-making power to bidding organisations and members of our "People Together" Bradford district residents group. For a summary of the projects funded please read the Funded Projects document.


If you would like to join our mailing list - where you will be notified about funding, news and development opportunities - please contact the team using


Social Media:

The work that is overseen by the Stronger Communities Partnership Board is now being delivered under a new title - "Bradford for Everyone". You can join the conversation, get involved and add your support by following @BfdForEveryone on Twitter, or by visiting the 'Bradford for Everyone' website.


What is the Stronger Communities Partnership?

The Bradford Stronger Communities Partnership drives and oversees the Stronger Communities Together Strategy. Its purpose is to ensure that projects delivered under this Strategy achieve the best outcomes for all people living in the Bradford District. The Board is chaired by an independent chair, Bishop Toby Howarth.

The Board is a partnership between strategic leaders, the voluntary, private and faith sectors, and local people who live in our district. This partnership works together to achieve the district’s vision of being a place where all citizens Get Along, Get Involved, Get On and Feel Safe.

Board meeting minutes are published in the Documents section of this web page.

Our Partnership Structure

The Stronger Communities Partnership will work together to provide vision, strategic leadership and direction in improving cohesion outcomes for people living and working in Bradford District and in developing stronger and more resilient communities. The board:

  • keeps oversight of all programmes and strategies under the Stronger Communities Partnership and how this will be achieved
  • strengthens existing provision and evidence base ensuring that the priorities of the Stronger Communities strategy are being delivered.

The Stronger Communities Partnership Board has two sub-committees:

  • People Together is a People's Advisory Group that has an important role to play in our city. We believe that local people make a difference to the way we deliver and design services for communities across the district by helping us reach the maximum number of people, so all communities can really benefit from our activities. If you would like to find out more about People Together please read the Role Profile. To register your interest in becoming a member please complete the online form.
  • To make sure the group is fully representative of the Bradford district we are currently recruiting for a limited number of members from the Bradford South constituency. If you apply and no place is currently available, we will add you to our People Together Network list and will share information and opportunities with you, as well as considering you for future places should they become available.


  • The Stronger Communities Partner Forum ensures all partners who have an interest in cohesion, integration or social mixing activities can learn from what is working, new research, data and collectively work with us to deliver in a smarter way for our communities. You will also hear about any funding opportunities that become available. To join our mailing list for this forum please email


The Stronger Communities Partnership Board supported the revision of the Stronger Communities Together Strategy 2018-2023 and will continue to set future priorities for the district. 

The Partnership Board is directly accountable for its work, and its success in achieving outcomes, to the Health and Well-being Board.

For further information of the work of the Stronger Communities Partnership, or to sign up to our newsletter, please contact

Bradford is a member of Intercultural Cities and the UK cohesion and integration network - belong