Strategic Disability Partnership

What is the Strategic Disability Partnership?

The Strategic Disability Partnership is a group of people who make sure the needs and hopes of disabled people and carers from all backgrounds, are listened to, valued, acted upon and included in the future plans for the Bradford District

The Partnership will be an excellent example of good practice by

Making sure all disabled people and their carers are heard

  • Making sure all information the Partnership produces is understandable and follows the ‘5 Principles for better information for disabled people’ and the NHS Accessible Information Standard
  • Making sure we are accessible to all disabled groups
  • Making sure we are helpful and share our knowledge and experience about disability with others
  • Making sure the Strategic Disability Partnership works closely with other engagement partnerships (The Learning Disability Partnership, The Autism Partnership and the Older Peoples Partnership) to save time and resources and achieve our joint aims.

Why have a Strategic Disability Partnership?

  • To make the Bradford District the best place for disabled people to live, work and visit.
  • To make sure that what is done to improve the lives of disabled people in Bradford works well.
  • To make sure that disabled people are treated with respect by those who provide services and by people in their community.
  • To bring together disabled people and people who provide services and support, to make sure these services are meeting disabled peoples needs
  • To make it possible for disabled people and people who provide services to discuss the issues that affect the lives of disabled people and carers as equals.

Who can be a member?

The Strategic Disability Partnership is made up of a Board, a steering group and action groups.

Membership of the Board

The membership of the Strategic Disability Partnership Board will include

  • Disabled people
  • Carers
  • Senior members of Public, Private and the Voluntary and Community sector  who provide or commission  services

 Disabled people and Carers on the Board will be put forward from the following groups:

  • The Physical Disability and Sensory Needs Partnership (3 representatives)
  • The Learning Disability Partnership (2 representatives)
  • User and Carer Link Project through BAMHAG ( 2 representatives)
  • Mobility Planning Group (1 representative)
  • Disabled Peoples Forum ( 2 representatives)
  • Carers Networks (2 representatives)
  • HIV/Aids networks ( 1 representatives)
  • Autism Partnership ( 1 representatives )
  • Bradford Deaf Forum ( 1 representative)

Membership from Public and Private and the Voluntary and Community sector will include for example the Local Authority, people who provide health services ( e.g. CCG’s, hospitals and NHS), people who provide Learning Services ( e.g. the Colleges and University and the Local Education Authority), people who provide emergency services (e.g. Police, Fire Service) 

Sometimes we may co opt people to the Board for a particular reason.

The Board meets 4 times a year

The Board has Action Groups that meet more often where most of the work happens.

These Action Groups are

  • Employment Action group
  • Hate Crime Action Group
  • Access to information ( including a Police reading group)
  • Health and Well Being Action group
  • Involving Disabled Peoples Action Group including Bradford Libraries Group and Bradford Theatres Group
  • Access to Care and Support Action Group ( joint partnership group)

Membership for Action Groups

Anyone can ask to be a member of an Action Group that works for the Strategic Disability Partnership if they have something to contribute.

Members of Action Groups DO NOT have to be a member of the Strategic Disability Partnership Board.

Membership of the Steering Group

The Partnership has a Steering group to help it plan and take things forward. This is made up of the Co chairs (Chair and Assistant Chair) of the partnership, support officers and chairs of its action groups who are also members of the Partnership.

For more information about the Partnership please contact

Darryl Smith, Policy Officer

Tel 01274 435001