The Bradford District Partnership (BDP) is the Local Strategic Partnership for the Bradford District. Here you can find out how, under the BDP, our partners (in the public, private and voluntary and community sectors) are working together to improve the quality of life for people living, visiting and working within the Bradford District.

What is the Bradford District Partnership?

The Bradford District Partnership (BDP) coordinates and supports the work of the partners and partnerships across the district. These partners share responsibility for making sure that our shared direction is delivered through the District Plan.

What is the role of BDP?

The Bradford District Partnership will ensure that the District Plan is delivered in the best way possible - and that all the partners work closely together to make things happen.

In doing so it will champion the wellbeing and prosperity of all of the district’s residents and ensure that they have the opportunity to realise their true potential.

Our priorities

The Bradford District Plan sets out the long-term shared ambition for our district:

“We want to make Bradford District a great place for everyone - a place where all our children have a great start in life, where businesses are supported to create good jobs and workers have the skills to succeed, a place where people live longer and have healthier lives and all our neighbourhoods are good places to live with decent homes for everyone”.

The District Plan outlines the ambition for each priority, how partners within the BDP family will work together across the district to achieve that ambition, and how we will know whether we’ve been successful.

For further information on the District Plan please visit the District Plan page.