Governance structure

At a strategic level, the Health and Wellbeing Board provides leadership and strategic direction to the wider BDP family of partnerships on issues that influence the quality of life of those who live in, work in and visit Bradford.  The Health and Wellbeing Board oversees the work of the partnerships through the following components:

Strategic Delivery Partnerships

The Strategic Delivery Partnerships include a mix of partnerships that are needed due to a statutory requirement and those that are required due to operational needs. The partnerships are responsible for the delivery of specific goals and priorities within our District Plan and are ultimately accountable to the Health and Wellbeing Board on performance and delivery.

They include: Bradford Economic Partnership, Children’s Trust, Community Safety Partnership, Stronger Communities Partnership as well as the Health and Wellbeing Board itself. 

Consultation and engagement networks

They include a range of group and network which provide service user feedback, manage dialogue with community groups and coordinate community activity. Included with this is the Voluntary and Community Sector's Bradford District Assembly. 

Task and finish groups

These time limited outcome focussed  groups are commissioned by the BDP Board to oversee the delivery of specific activity and are ultimately accountable to the BDP Board for their work

As and when required, the BDP will establish links with other partnership bodies operating in the local area, region or nationally or any other bodies which it regards as strategically important to achieving the outcomes set out in the District Plan and other strategic priorities determined by BDP.